Working Lunch

Working lunches with your team can be a great way to boost productivity and forge lasting professional relationships. Two birds…

A continued practice of having lunch together, working or not working, also has the happy side effect of creating a culture of openness and transparency in the organization. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a big company, it pays to invest in your culture.

We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should invest your time in a working lunch:

Brainstorm Better

A brainstorming session can suck the life out of you. Whether you’re working on your next product or your next sales pitch, it takes some effort to hit the home run. Brainstorming while having lunch has a nutritional angle to it, giving you those extra carbs that makes the good better.

Remain Productive Immediately After Lunch

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A post-lunch dip is pretty normal. Getting back into work mode is an uphill battle when your stomach won’t play ball.
It doesn’t have to be that way though. After working lunches, stimuli from team members helps you dive into executing your goals immediately and utilize your time better.

Speed up the Induction Process / Know your colleagues better

Remember that first day when everyone was so busy and you had no clue what to do? Startups generally don’t have an especially helpful induction process, or don’t have one at all. You’re supposed to “grok” fast(hey, that’s why they hired you, right?)

Working lunches help you know your team better and how healthy your organisation is. A lot of conversations I’ve had with my colleagues could not be possible anywhere else. Anywhere else I would be distracted, but at lunch there’s only food and the person you’re sharing a meal with. The environment is automatically more casual than at team meetings, and can lead way to some interesting insights.

Doesn’t need to be about work

If you crave your lunch break as your work-free time, then don’t worry, you’re still being productive if you’re sharing it with someone you work with. Bonding with members of other departments where your interaction is mostly issue-related can be a great ice-breaker. Ending working lunches with some recreational activity is also a great idea.

Doesn’t need to be expensive or messy

That’s where we chip in. At Foodport, our vision is to make lunch hassle-free and we keep striving to reach that goal. For now we have:

  • Several different menu options everyday so everyone doesn’t have to have the same thing.
  • Online ordering in a jiff so you don’t have to plan things in advance.
  • Neatly packaged boxes - you can eat in a conference room without leaving a mess behind.
  • And lastly, discounts for team lunches. ’Cos we love you.

In conclusion, have lunch with your team more often. Your next great idea could be a shared meal away.