Foodport - Chapter 1


It’s been ages since we last updated this blog. Blogs are a great way of getting the conversation flowing, so I decided to wipe the proverbial dust off and get everyone up to speed.

Making the Lunch box

We always wanted our meal box to be ideal for individuals to eat a wholesome lunch without lunch getting messy. “Eat at your desk while working”, that was the idea. Towards this cause we spent countless hours dealing with shady vendors who still haven’t called back, debating the size of the adequate tray, designing the box on a web-page(none of us know Photoshop but HTML, yes) and trying to gauge the ‘feel’ of it.

At the end of our quest, though it took time - I think we nailed it. The box is easy on the eye, and most importantly is functional and practical both for us and our customers. They stack delightfully well on top of each other, and are super easy to eat from. Also, the box is 100% recyclable and the trays inside are microwaveable. Mission accomplished!

I think the best thing about afternoons is a nap, a nap after great lunch that is.

Foodport box

The Times are a Changin’

This is actually a really great time for the food-tech space in India. There are a lot of Internet-First restaurants sprouting up and it’s super exciting for us to be a part of this movement.

Taking into account all the heat, we realised very early on that we have to listen to feedback very carefully, and act on it very fast.

During our initial rounds of alpha testing, we explored an subscription-based service for lunch that would have a weekly/monthly menu. We realised getting people on-board with a weekly-menu + a dashboard to change that menu + options to skip meals + yada yada was a really complex consumer product and decided to go a different way. We made a mistake a here by worrying over little things before getting the product out - but our lesson is learnt. Fail fast.

We decided to be a retail service and to make the ordering process as easy as possible. I wanted people not to spend more than a minute placing their order - no clunky menus that scroll for pages(less is more), minimium touches, tons of whitespace, easy accessibilty, pixel-perfect UI. I think we achieved a really high standard in this regard, we passed the mom test - our moms could place an order under a minute!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a link.

P.S. - Though we didn’t release it publicy, our old website is still live. You can see the level of detail that went in there. Oh, well.

Still Great Food, Everyday!

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in our model in the last few months, it’s the food. It’s still the same finger-licking awesome that made us start this in the first place. We currently have a roster of 56(!) main courses, and we keep pushing the envelope to add more exotic as well as homegrown items.

We are pushing ourselves to be the complete solution to high quality lunch at affordable prices - whether you want healthy or sinful, exotic or desi. There is a lot of potenial in our chefs that we’ve just started to exploit.

Enter Mousses, Strudels, Pudding & Co.

What Next?

We just introduced dessert into our daily menus. We’re also coming out with an app soon and pushing some gears on our marketing. Expect to see more of us in the future!