No Valentine? Get A Muffin

Are you single? Then welcome to the single most annoying week of the year. The teddy days, chocolate days, hug days—they’re such a treat. Wonder why aren’t there more of these countdowns for other occasions.

If you’re not, don’t let us dampen your spirits(as if anything can do that, amirite?). Hope you have a perfectly good Valentines. Live it, love it.

Anyway, we’ve decided this year to help single people out. Woah, wait a minute, no no, we’re not setting you up with someone! Relax.

We’re giving away the next best thing, MUFFINS! Fresh from our bakery made with single people’s tears (just kidding) Here's what you gotta do:

  1. Order anything from us today(Friday, 12th Feb) or tomorrow(Saturday, 13th Feb) and check the "I need a muffin" option while checking out. Here you go.

  2. We’ll give you a call on Valentine’s day to deliver your muffin all for ₹0.

P.S.—There actually is no way for us to tell that you have a Valentine or not. But if you choose to have both a Valentine and an extremely good muffin, well, where do you stop?