The Modak Story — Why does Lord Ganesha dig Modaks?

Till a few months back we used to believe that like us, our favourite god (Ganesh) also relished besan ladoos – dripping with pure ghee and laden with lots of kaju and badam.

This was till, a friend from Mumbai, also an ardent devotee of the Elephant-headed God, introduced Modaks as Ganesh’s favourite dish with a story answering our why.

The Delhiite in us didn’t feel too proud at the lack of knowledge and that too about our favourite deity!

The Story

According to the story, once demigods came to visit Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati and presented them with a Modak that would grant command over scriptures, art and writing to the one who consumed it. (We need to eat more Modaks!)

Like all mothers, Goddess Parvati wanted to distribute it between her two sons — Ganesh and Kartik. But, sibling rivalry forbid the brothers to amicably share the Modak. To end the fight and decide who should get the Modak, Goddess Parvati told her sons that the first to travel around the world three times would get to eat the magical Modak.

Upon hearing this, Lord Kartik immediately mounted his vehicle —the peacock, and set out for the journey around the world. (Very Competitive)

Whereas Lord Ganesh who considered his parents to be his entire world, took three rounds around his parents. (Very Wise)

This belief, faith and love that Lord Ganesh showed towards his parents coupled with quick thinking won him the magical Modak.

Doesn’t this story remind you of the IIM interview riddles? The answer always makes you feel stupid in the end.

You can also try to make some with the help of of the (almost) easy recipe given below.

Disclaimer: Research shows that there are a few more versions of the story. Because mythology.