Foodport - An Introduction

Before Sliced Bread

Over the course of the past few months, my co-founder Prateek and I had been mulling over different ideas to start our business. Looking back, I think the process we ended up following could be described roughly as -

  • Think of an idea
  • Discuss
  • Get excited, even start work on it
  • Realise and accept major flaws
  • Rinse and Repeat

Ideas ranging from a Zomato-esque website for event related vendors, to an app that helps you organise your social gatherings - we tried a bunch of things. We just couldn't agree on what would work, and more importantly, what we could really execute.

Food at Work

One day, I get a call from Prateek and there was an idea that stood out: "Food at your workplace". I'm eating at that very moment and I realise that we might be able to make this experience a lot more enjoyable. What worked for us is that we instantly agreed on two things we think are vital for building a fast-growing company- that it could work, and that we can execute.

So naturally, we went out and talked to people about what they eat and from where they eat while at work. We found a wide variety of options for outside food, ranging from steel tiffin messes to exotic organic services. There was also a lot of variance in the quality/hygiene of the food on every vertical, but such is the unorganized sector.

Our humble marketing research attempts convinced us that there isn't a professional, customer-driven service that would really excite people to buy everyday-food everyday from them. We've all seen tiffin services and messes, but I'm not sure how many people look forward to their tiffins when they arrive. I think it's a compromise that people put themselves through when they don't have access to homely food or a decent enough canteen.

Long story short, we aim to change how you eat at work. Our mission is to provide you hygienic, nutritious and wholesome food coupled with fantastic ease-of-use and impeccable service. We are trying to build something that we ourselves would use.

The Beginnings

As you read this, we're toiling away hard at building Foodport brick by brick, and are trying to get it right the first time. We've had our fair share of obstacles, and we know the bigger ones are still to come. Nonetheless, I believe that our product will be our advertisement and am confident that we will able to deliver on our promises.

We just launched our pre-launch page, and are determined to launch soon!

P.S. -
Here's a picture of Sadar Bazar(big wholesale market) in Old Delhi to lighten up your day. I believe shop number 17 there sells the best rice in all of Delhi. We were there on a blazing hot afternoon for some packaging work and I have to thank Prateek's grandpa for taking us around. He is more active at 77 than I am at 22.