10 Food Photographers from Delhi-NCR That Are Redefining Delicious!

Like we always say, we love everything about food and everyone who loves food!

In our last post, we covered people who dish out drool worthy words about food, in this one we’re covering the ones who click awesome and mouthwatering photographs of our one and only love - food.

Here are ten photographers who can create images that bring out the taste and texture of the dish, make you forget your diet vows and send you into a foodgasm.

Shirish Sen – This award winning photographer can make you disregard all your diet plans with just a photograph. Such is the power of his craft. Food photographer for some the best names in the industry, Shirish has been creating fantasy with food for over a decade. Take a look at his awesome portfolio here. We suggest you keep your forks and spoons at a distance or else you’ll jab your screen with it. alt Image source: behance.net/shirish1467

Nitin Rai – Known for creating images that can set your heart soaring, Nitin wields his camera to capture the essence of the subject be it food, fashion, people or places. Treat yourself to some royal food and drink with these photographs.
alt Image source:facebook.com/NitinRaiPhotography/

Rekha Kakkar – This wonder lady’s name is synonymous with food. She cooks, writes, and clicks giving you the complete food experience. A professional food photographer, she works on both advertising projects and editorial food photography. Drool over the amazing food photographs by Rekha Kakkar here. alt Image source: Rekhakakkar.com

Anwita and Arun – If there’s something of a first family of photographers then this couple is a top contender for the slot! This praise is purely based on their work portfolio and has nothing to do with the fact they’re the official photographers for our foodventure. We love the way they pay attention to the minutest details and make photographs that motivate viewers to reach out to taste the dish. Work up your appetite with the amazing food photographs here and check out their other work too. It’s equally inspiring. alt

Arjun and Praerna Kartha – Another contender for the first family of photography title, this husband-wife duo have their own photography studio – Thoda Strong, where they work their magic and make even the regular food or at times non-real food look like it’s sent from the heavens above! Check out their work here and here. alt Image source: PraernaKartha.com

Shhaival Saurabh and Eve Voevoda – The dynamic team at Food Shots offer clean, simple, and sophisticated food shots that can even beat the real stuff. Experts at both food photography and styling, they’ve been making food the talk of the town.
alt Image source: facebook.com/foodshots/photos

Atul Pratap Chauhan – The words - too good to eat come to mind when we see Atul’s food photographs. A beautiful blend of creativity and class, these photographs are enough to motivate you to sit down for a seven-course meal, even if you’ve just had one. alt

Niharika Shukla – Food photographer and stylist, Niharika’s food photographs are a delicious delight that can set your stomach growling! Feed your senses with these awesome photographs while you wait for the next meal time! alt

Avnish Dhoundiyal – He is the cool dude of couple, wedding, and food photography. Avnish’s images speak and evoke love. Even the most anti-food person will not be able to stay away from food after being treated with these lovingly crafted images. alt Image source:facebook.com/avnishdhoundiyalphotography

Krishna Angira – We went back to our childhood days after seeing the chocolate, cookies and bread shots and almost reached out for a bourbon biscuit in the photograph! What more can we say. Take a look for yourself. alt Image source:behance.net/krishnaangira

We love these photographers for being as passionate about food as we are and for bringing life and creativity to food photography!

Cover Image Source: Arjunkartha.com.